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Shawn Davis

Managing Director, Executive Search Consultants (ESC)

ESC/MRI has the INDUSTRY CONNECTIONS to help you. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- With a success rate of 89.3%, ESC/MRI is well worth it. Over 89.3% of the candidates that ESC/MRI has placed with its clients have achieved at or above their projected quotas. This kind of success can only be achieved by ESC/MRI knowing its clients, industry, and candidates better than anyone. ESC/MRI's consultants take the time to get to know not only what their clients ask for but what they don't ask for. Then, they find the candidates that meet, or if possible, exceed these expectations. In fact, more then 41% of the candidates ESC/MRI has placed with its clients have been promoted within ONE year. ESC/MRI has spent over twelve years refining its techniques of finding and qualifying candidates. Instead of flooding our clients with a mess of unqualified resumes, ESC/MRI's consultants do the "due-diligence" necessary to present only the candidates that fill their client's needs. "Why waste your time and your company's money to meet the WRONG people?" Allow ESC/MRI to prove its success to you! ESC/MRI, founded by Shawn Davis, provides our clients access to candidates who are inspired to establish themselves as leaders and or mentors in their field. To that end, we have compiled a database of thousands of qualified candidates and leading edge companies. In 2001 ESC decided to join forces with Management Recruiters International (MRI) with locations throughout the nation. Through this extensive national network of senior recruiters we can furnish search assistance throughout the US. These professional recruiters have achieved recognition through outstanding performance and unimpeachable integrity. Sharing resources has allowed us to create a consortium of some of the finest recruiters in the United States. We always put your welfare first and foremost. Clients appreciate our ability and commitment to couple significant technical strength with compatible personality profiles when selecting appropriate candidates. ESC/MRI offers introductions to some of the most talented and creative candidates available. Candidates find us consistently well-informed about interesting new opportunities and sensitive to their career objectives. Our capacity to locate the most attractive projects while helping them realize their personal and financial goals, gives them excellent incentive to seek us out when contemplating a change. Our team’s extensive experience in both technology and healthcare combined with knowledge of the latest advances in these areas, aids in our screening of potential candidates. Both client and candidate requirements are keenly addressed. Building a relationship with ESC/MRI assures you will find the best of the best. As we get to know you and your team we are able to tell you of candidates that may not be on the open market but looking for that special opportunity to make a difference.

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    908-526-5000 x 212

    512-212-0700 x 212

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    326 Chester Knoll Drive
    Bennington, VT 05201

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    shawnesc (Skype)

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